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Aid for Families Affected by the October '23 Tragedy in Israel

On October 7, 2023, a horrific terror attack unfolded in Israel, plunging thousands of thousands of families into a whirlpool of grief and loss. The calamity claimed over 700 lives, led to the abduction of 200 individuals, and left countless others injured. In the ensuing chaos, many were forced to vacate their homes, stepping into an uncertain future.

This fundraising initiative, spearheaded by the Israeli Reach Out nonprofit organization (Hebrew: Yad La'lev), operates solely through the compassionate efforts of volunteers. Our extensive network of compassionate volunteers is our cornerstone, enabling us to lend a listening ear to the affected families and individuals, understanding their immediate needs, and acting swiftly to fulfill them.

Here's how we respond to the voiced needs of the affected:

  • Food Provision: Based on the needs shared, we ensure the provision of a range of food items, from basic cooking ingredients to pre-packaged meals, and a touch of comfort through baked goods and pizzas.
  • Living Supplies: As many transition to temporary accommodations, we provide essential living supplies such as bedroom essentials, beds, kitchen equipment, along with hygiene products and cleaning supplies to ease their adjustment.
  • Clothing Essentials: We supply basic clothing items like underwear and socks to cater to the immediate needs.
  • Children's Comfort: Providing toys to bring a sense of comfort and normalcy to the affected children during these challenging times.
  • medicine: Organizing necessary medications, including those for emotional distress and anxiety arising from these harrowing events.

Operational Approach: Our volunteers work closely with the affected, listing their needs and channeling this information to our network of close suppliers. These trusted suppliers meticulously organize the procurement of the required items from supermarkets and stores, utilizing the funds from this dedicated donation channel. Every penny donated is immediately directed towards alleviating the burdens of those affected, without waiting to reach a specific fundraising milestone.

How You Can Help: The ripple effects of this terror act have left tens of thousands in distress. Our objective is to collect $100k in donations to provide substantive aid. Every contribution, regardless of its size, is a step towards mitigating the hardships faced by the affected community. Together, let's extend our compassion and solidarity, making a tangible difference in the lives of those navigating through the aftermath of the October '23 terror attack in Israel.

Tax Deductibility: Donations are recognized for tax purposes. You should supply the corporate number of Yad Lalev organization - 580721496, registered in Israel. This is in accordance with Israeli tax terms.

Bank transfer: Yad Lalev organization, Mercantile Bank (17), branch 725, account 15338, IBAN: IL270177250000087505101