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Address: Darchi Ish 27 Beitar Ilit

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Yad Lalev is a non-profit organization that works and helps the well-being of thousands of needy families across the country.
The association has a special wing for helping heart patients, a wing that helps cancer patients and the mentally challenged with assistance in a variety of fields.
Another and important wing is dedicated in the association to widows and orphans in need in the purchase of basic food supplies such as bread and milk, meat and fish products in a dignified way.
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Product return and transaction cancellation policy
Payment/donations can be canceled within 24 hours of their execution. The businesses must be contacted in writing with the cancellation request, along with the last 4 digits + donor's name + date and time of the transaction.
In case of purchasing a product/service that was not provided by the business, the customer is entitled to receive his money back.
The business operates under the product return policy of the Consumer Protection Law 1981.

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For the purpose of checking eligibility for an international disabled badge at the time of issuance, the customer will send his personal and medical documents, the customer hereby waives medical and private confidentiality for this purpose.
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The business will be entitled to contact the customer using the contact information received at the time of employment/donation for the purpose of offering future service/requesting a donation.
The customer may at any time request to be removed from the mailing list by contacting the website or by emailing