Issuance of a disabled certificate and a disabled vehicle tag for international use

At 'Yad LaLev' we made it our goal to do good to the disabled and the disabled.

In light of the many inquiries that have reached 'Yid LaLev' about the difficulties faced by disabled people who are entitled to a disabled certificate in Israel When traveling abroad and the authorities abroad They do not recognize disability certificates issued by the National Insurance and the Ministry of Transportation.

We have launched the possibility for eligible persons to issue an international disability certificate through us (a plastic card the size of a credit card). The seller in most cases* abroad to shorten queues and discounts at attractions and official institutions, public transport abroad and more.
In addition to the card, we will also send you an international disabled vehicle tag To attach to the windshield and in most cases* even to park in disabled parking abroad. (The size of the tag is about half a normal page).

Those entitled to issue international certificates are:

Holders of a disabled certificate issued by a qualified body such as the National Insurance and the Ministry of Transportation. Or holders of a medical certificate from a qualified doctor.
symbolic price forThe cost of the issue is NIS 129 (For the card and the car tag together) The shipping cost by mail is 20 NIS, a total of 149 NIS. The certificates are valid for two years from the date of their issuance. 

Fill in the details of the recipient of the certificate:

Uploading documents
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For inquiries and inquiries regarding the issuance process and order status, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp by clicking here 
or via email 

*In order to receive official and binding recognition in the destination country, you must contact the local licensing office along with relevant documents, the certificates issued by us are a service to the public with disabilities.